Pokémon Local Acts〜Local Communities are Amazing!〜

Pokémon Local Acts aims to promote Japan’s various localities by highlighting their well-known and not so well-known charms. The fun activities and initiatives are designed to bring out the best in the partnering prefectures and municipalities, and involve help from “Ambassadorial Pokémon,” whose characteristics match those of their respective localities.


Local specialties made with a Pokémon touch!

Utility Hole Covers

Utility hole covers featuring Pokémon art!

  • Nakashibetsu
  • Sakaide
  • Yokohama
  • toyohashi

Video Contents

Watch videos related to the Ambassadorial Pokémon!

  • うどん県 「ヤドン県」改名記者会見 平成30年4月1日(日曜日)